• Paleo Reset Challenge 2014

    Wes McCloy

    Hi Brenda,

    Thanks for all the encouragement and words of wisdom you gave throughout the challenge.

    Now that I understand a little better what Paleo actually is I will continue on this path with some better efficiencies and of courses without dairy and breads/grains, I was never a regular eater of those other than Greek yogurt. I also found that there are better ways to bring out flavor without adding sugar. For example, when BBQ'ing I remembered how much better I like smoked meat rather than slathered with BBQ sauce or avocado, tomato and cucumber on a salad eliminates the need for salad dressing. Keeping this up a way of life will not be that difficult for me, accepting I don't want to stay quite as strict and knowing I will have a cheat (drink or dessert) now and then.

    I didn't find the cost of food was more, if anything it was probably less as all the convenience items were eliminated, you can eat a lot of carrots or celery compared to the cost of one Larabar.

    Chandra Pittman


    "Thanks Brenda for all your help and support through these 30 days! I'm totally continuing and can't wait to feel even better and see greater results." 

    Lindsay Mello

    Hi Brenda,

    Having the challenge encouraged us to eat 100% clean and reminded me of how good my body feels when I am fueling it properly. I feel light, energetic, and strong. We hit the challenge during a time when I haven't been able to get to the gym consistently, so it has definitely been a benefit to keep my eating completely clean and avoid any negative results from not working out on a regular basis.

    My suggestions for people coming off the challenge is to really focus on the benefits they have felt this month, so they can remember how it has impacted them. I honestly think it takes a few challenges like this to really grasp and understand that.

    Thanks for putting this on!

    Janet Tully


    Thanks for all your help and encouragement with this challenge. It was a great life-changing experience.

    My Paleo Adventure

    The first week of my Paleo Adventure I thought, OMG what the heck did I get myself into? What the H-E-double toothpicks is this squash spaghetti? Eh?!Cauliflower rice? Ewww!AndONLY4x4oz of wine per week and no beer?!! How will I survive?!! I also had zero energy doing my first WOD on Paleo but I took the advice of a fellow WOD'er (I'm sure that's a CF term) and "trusted the system". Second week was a little better. I did have to be talked off the ledge by my Paleo Pals (Jen, Joni and Andrea) several times this week. But, that support system is crucial for success in my opinion! By weekthree, I must admit, I had a ton more energy and was sleeping MUCH better which is huge for me! I also experienced a new obstacle of traveling on Paleobut thanks to Brenda for helping me put together a survival guide of snacks and things to look out for in restaurants. My biggest challenge traveling (and all month actually) was meeting the wine quota. To be honest, all but one of my points was a result of going over the wine allotment. I'll seek the 12-step program next.;) By the end of the challenge I only lost an overall 2 inches (not sure on weight since I don't weigh myself) but I do feel a ton better! More energy, not as puffy, and my muscles and joints do feel better! Who would have thought food could do all that?! My husband also commented my hands and face look smaller... I think that's a compliment. :) Overall, this has been a very educational experience and I will apply these lessons learned to the rest of my life-long journey towards greater health!Thanks much to the coaches, my Paleo Pals and fellow WOD'ers for your support!


  • Marion Yore 2014


    Marion Yore

    Coach B,

    This Paleo Challenge was the first competition I have competed in based on what I fuel my body with. I have competed in many physical challenges from Collegiate Sports, Adventure Races, Tri-Athlons, Cross fit Competitions, Mountain Bike Races, Swimming Competitions, Corporate Olympics, Rock Climbing Competitions, Co-Ed Sports Competitions and Road Races. I have always considered myself as an intelligent athlete; I know how to train myself to perform at top levels through physical exertion. I always thought it was as simple as that and was often confused why my body didn’t respond 100% to this healthy lifestyle I had created for it. Why was I lethargic some days, why did I yell more and have less patience for my family on other days, why did I not sleep well every night, why did I often get bloating even after running 6 miles? This Paleo Challenge has opened my eyes for the very first time with the reality of the silly little saying “you are what you eat!”

    I have learned that my physical strength is only a small portion of my overall health. I was always known in college as the “bottomless pit” and took pride in knowing that I could eat whatever I wanted and it wasn’t affecting my lifestyle or my size. Boy was I ever wrong! You see, I have always had the mentality that I work-out, so that I could eat what I wanted. I was NEVER taking into consideration that what I was eating was affecting my sleep, inflaming my digestive tract, hindering my energy levels and throwing my hormones completely out of whack!

    After this challenge I now realize that my body has been continuously working overtime my whole life trying to correct the problems that I was creating by constantly fueling it with a tremendous amount of inhibitors. I am looking forward to moving forward with this new knowledge and creating a lifestyle that will heal and assist my body in the rigors that I constantly place on it. I’m looking forward to bringing this knowledge into my four young children’s lifestyles and helping them make wise choices about what goes into their little bodies for a healthier future.
    Thank you Coach Brenda for this opportunity!

  • Eric Heim 2013

    Today was a HUGE benchmark for me thanks to CrossFit Castle Rock! As those who know me well, my right hand was severed 10 years ago and after multiple surgeries, it had minimal functionality with major pain/arthritis issues daily, and roughly 10% wrist movement. I started at CFCR in January of 2012 with my custom made prosthetic brace, and was unable to do push-ups, but was determined to overcome my weakness.

    My surgeon told me that my hand would need to be amputated within 5-10 years of the initial surgery due to loss of nerve/blood circulation.

    I completed today's workout not only with push-ups, but with right palm flat on the ground!!!
    For those that WOD with me, you notice my right palm has never touched the ground for burpees, HSPU's, or push-ups (as I am always compensating by doing these movements on the ball of my hand) I thought that I noticed this mid-WOD this morning, but felt I HAD to verify it by repeating it at home, and I was able to do it, just AMAZING!

    I wish I could express how amazing this feet really is, and how Crossfit has changed my life so much for the better, not just physically but mentally!

    Crossfit taught me that there are NO OBSTACLES to ANY goals worth working painfully hard to overcome. Which has allowed my body, mind, life and my family to improve because of it.

    A special thanks to Spencer Marx who has helped motivate me from day 1 to understand the "Just because you can't do it today, doesn't mean you can't do it tomorrow" type of mindset to reach such an amazing goal.

    P.S - This is the x-ray from post Motocross crash!

  • APRIL OSBORN Crossfitting since August 2012

    Crossfitting since August 2012
    So everyone knows that I have fallen in love ( it’s a huge part of my life) with CrossFit andCrossFit Castle Rock... I began my journey in Aug 2012 and it’s has changed my life in every possible good way. I'm stronger, smaller, eat better and my diabetes couldn't be in better control. I still have a ton of goals to meet (pull-ups hahah) but I've come so far compared to 12 months ago when all I could lift was a small 9pound bar. I have so many people to thank for helping me and I'm excited to have my husbandJustinalong for the Crossfit ride too.My goal is to just keep working harder to get better, it pays! Thanks again to everyone!— CrossFit Castle Rock..

  • MAX HALLER Crossfitting since October 2012

    Crossfitting since October 2012

    I was very hesitant to post these on Facebook. It has been about 10 months since I started my journey withCrossFit Castle Rockand I have to say it has really made a difference in not only my fitness life but also my personal life as well.

    When I started CrossFit I was 250lbs with not a lot of muscle. looking back I laugh at what I told myself I could not do.
    Some of my lift PR's include
    Back Squat
    From 135lbs to 245lbs(not great but improvement none the less)
    Front squat
    From 95lbs to 185lbs
    From PVC pipe to 145lbs
    Overhead Squat
    From PVC pipe to 155lbs
    From 125/135lbs to 180lbs(again not great but there is improvement)
    From 185lbs to 375lbs
    Power Clean
    From 115/125lbs to 190lbs
    Mile run
    From Roughly 9 minutes to 7:54

    I am living proof that if you are going to put in the work you can succeed in every aspect. There will always be someone stronger or faster or more athletic than you and it is OK to strive to be like them but make sure you are always giving it 100% and as long as you don't let yourself down and know you gave it your all that is all that matters.

  • Julie aka "Jewels" and Andy Sneed BEFORE & AFTER Crossfit

  • Aaron 2012 Paleo Challenge

  • Jill Roberson 2012, Crossfitting since 2011

    Jill Roberson Total inches Lost - 9 ¾

  • Todd Roberson 2012, Crossfitting since 2011

    Todd Roberson 2012, Crossfitting since 2011
  • Julianne Smolen, Crossfitting since, 2010

    Growing up at Lake Quivira in Kansas my hobbies were swimming competitively and water skiing but never did any weightlifting until I was in my thirties.  I was always active in sports until college and then I played soccer on an intramural team.  I met the love of my life in college and then pursued my career as an elementary school teacher. I continued to play indoor soccer for fun.  After four years of teaching we started a family and I have been busy raising my kids since 2002.  I spent 15 years battling being overweight.  I trained and ran a full marathon and 5 half marathons and then decided my love for running wasn’t that deep.  I needed something more, I needed something more diverse!

    After having my fourth baby I was tired of being overweight.  I was introduced to Crossfit in March of 2008 and I have never looked back.   With four kids I had time to fit Crossfit into my schedule due to the short intense workouts!  Crossfit has changed my life in many positive ways.  Not only was I able to lose a significant amount of weight I am also in the best physical and mental shape I have ever been in my life.  Not only do I love the challenge of Crossfit but I thrive on the self-competitiveness of reaching new levels.  I also love the diversity Crossfit has in comparison to the traditional ways of working out. workouts!  Crossfit has changed my life in many positive ways.  Not only was I able to lose a significant amount of weight I am also in the best physical and mental shape I have ever been in my life.  Not only do I love the challenge of Crossfit but I thrive on the self- competitiveness of reaching new levels.  I also love the diversity Crossfit has in comparison to the traditional ways of working out.

    I feel like I can be an inspiration to those who think they can’t do Crossfit. I believe Crossfit is a lifestyle and not just another “diet” or “workout”.  It mentally and physically prepares you for life in general.  I hope to teach and help others set and reach new goals they have for themselves to make them a better athlete and help  them feel better about themselves!

  • Cindy Hoop, Crossfitting since 2011

    I relocated to Castle Rock from Illinois in late March 2011. I was aware I put on a few pounds but brushed it off. My husband and I made a promise to get fit once we get to Colorado. My plan was to get a personal trainer that would push me to my limit so I'd see result. A family friend recommended CrossFit, and lucky for me I found CrossFit Castle Rock just down the street. I made my first visit to Castle Rock CrossFit first week of April. I was greeted by the owner, Fran. I was impressed by how fit she is at 40. I am 40 yrs. old myself so, I was SOLD! On my very first day I could barely run 200m plus have to do 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 20 squats, and 30 sit-ups, 3x. And, that was just the warm-ups! We still have to do WOD on top of it all. I would have a coughing attack after workout. I feel as if someone had beaten me up every time I finished a workout. Then, we had to lift some barbells. I was definitely scared. Needless to say I was ready to call it quits after a month. My husband advised against this decision and recommended I stick with CrossFit.

    Two months into it, I told Fran about my thoughts of joining the Recreational Club in the area so that I can work out while my kids go for a swim (using my kids as an excuse). I thought of never coming back to CrossFit once I leave. Fran went along with me and asked that I keep her updated on my results. It was around that time that I began noticing my pants getting looser. My problem area (mid-section) is actually trimming down. Also, I haven't had any coughing attacks. I have noticed a drastic change with my strength and agility. I can even dead lift a whooping 170lbs. Who would have thought that I have that much strength? I was amazed at what CrossFit has done to me that I decided to stick to it. Needless to say that everything is history after seeing all the good changes in my body. I come 4-5 days a week now and love the workout I get each time. WOD is never the same. I come to the gym with an open mind and ready to take a beating. I am not intimidated any longer. I actually look forward to a great challenge each and every WOD. It’s a plus having a coach that pushes me to my limit and doesn’t let me quit. Thanks, Spencer!

    It's nice to feel that I am a part of a great team. My kids love going to the kids lounge also, that makes it easy to fit into my schedule. Castle Rock CrossFit/The Gym is definitely a nice, friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. Thank you CrossFit Castle Rock for helping me make it happen.


    You guys are the best! -- Cindy Hoop

  • Dave Perry, Crossfitting since 2010

    In the spring of 2010 at the age of 37 I realized that I had been living in denial. I weighed in at 227lb and was up to a very snug 38inch waist on a 5ft 7in frame. There were telltale signs along the way that I ignored, like a constantly upset stomach, the need to justify my looks by comparing to other overweight people and the electric toothbrush. I know what you’re thinking, “Electric toothbrush?”….. You can kid yourself all you want and say it’s for better teeth, but the truth is you can’t stand to look in the mirror and see the way your body jiggles when you brush with a regular toothbrush! I decided to make some changes in my life starting with my diet. I looked at several different diets and decided that a combination of a couple would work best. I woke up June 1st 2010 and began my weight loss journey. I kept a log of measurements that I recorded every Sunday along with my weight, I immediately started seeing some changes. By July 1st I had lost 20lb and was feeling much better but I needed something more. My friend at work had been telling me about Crossfit for the last 6 months and how good I would be at it, so I started looking for a gym close to my house. I called 3 places and decided to visit 2 based on the calls. The first one I visited reminded me of the bad guy dojo from the Karate Kid and I left there laughing to myself having not bothered to even talk to anyone. The next stop was The Gym. I went after work the next day and the place was great from the start. The guy working the front desk was friendly and helpful, showing me all of the facilities and introducing me to the staff and trainers. I immediately felt welcome and sighed up for Crossfit classes. I am now 1 year into it and I have never felt or looked better. I have lost a total of 65lbs and I am down to a 31in waist, and I owe it all to Crossfit and The Gym. When I started Crossfit I couldn’t do a single pull up, run 400m or lift very much weight, but the way the coaches scale the workouts and teach you good form I was doing these things within 6 months. The workouts are awesome, they are different every day and are always challenging no matter what level you are at.  I found that it was a combination of Crossfit, the atmosphere at The Gym and most of all the people that made it all possible. I am now looking towards a Crossfit competition in October, a year ago I would have never imagined doing something like this.


    Dave Perry

    Technology Operations Manager,

    Senior System Administrator

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