• Spencer Marx – CFCR Lead Trainer

    Education / Certifications:
    • Bachelor of Science
    Health and Human Sciences
    Exercise and Sports Science
    • Crossfit Level 1 Certification
    • Coach Burgener Olympic Weightlifting Lifting Seminar
    • North Central Regionals 2010 – Affiliate Team 4th Place
    • World Championship’s Carson CA 2010 Affiliate Team - 29th Place
    • CPR/ AED/ First Aid Certified – American Red Cross

    Credentials / Areas of Mastery:
    • Sport and Exercise Prescription
    • Nutrition and Diet Expertise
    • Aging in Adults- exercise and fall prevention
    • Adapted Physical Activity- related to persons with developmental and intellectual Disabilities

    Background / Experience
    After graduating high school in 2003 as a four year, three sport athlete, Spencer attended Oregon State University to pursue his passion for sports and fitness. As both a collegiate athlete and student, he learned the necessary relation between health and fitness in regards to lifelong wellbeing. As a health and fitness specialist, Spencer has witnessed, experienced, and studied many aspects of the sport and fitness world. In addition, Spencer has also worked with both youth and individuals with disabilities. He believes each individual has specific/specialized/personalized needs. “Mentally, physically, and emotionally we all perform, learn, and obtain skills differently. As a trainer, having the ability to observe, correct, and communicate positive feedback to an individual is critical for success in reaching their personal goal(s).” Spencer has also studied the effects of exercise on older adults, especially with the prevention of falls. “You never know how valuable your health is until you lose it.” More now than ever with the financial and economic time we are in, individuals are learning how valuable there low monthly gym dues are compared to their monthly medical bills. Whether you are self motivated or in need of motivating let, Spencer Marx, a personal trainer and experienced professional help guide you toward your goals and a better, healthier lifestyle.


  • Fran Colombi- CFCR Owner

    • Crossfit Level 1 Certification Oct 2008
    • Coach Burgener Olympic Weightlifting Lifting Seminar
    • North Central Regionals 2010 – Affiliate Team 4th Place
    • World Championship’s Carson CA 2010 Affiliate Team - 29th Place
    • CPR/ AED/ First Aid Certified
    • Bachelors of Science – Accounting

    I was always very athletic as a teen. I played team sports that included field hockey, lacrosse & cheerleading.  I was also a gymnast for 10 years. Then life after college began, and I spent the next 15 years, climbing the corporate ladder and starting a family.  I have a love of my life husband and 3 small children.I was first introduced to Crossfit in 2007 when I trained in a Circuit class that always ended with “15 minutes of torture.”  I now understand that the “15 minutes of torture” was in all actuality ALL CROSSFIT exercises!

    As I understand is the case with most people, Crossfit quickly sucked me in and I am not looking back.  I am completely blown away by the changes my body has undergone.  At 40 years old, I could do what I did at 20! I am dedicated to bring this type of exercise, methodology and body transformation to other ordinary people like myself.

    I was a stay at home mom for 3 years who got heavy and out of shape.  Since being a part of this “movement” I have become a fit mom of three and an inspiration for others.  If I can do it, so can they!

    The energy and excitement generated from these classes is unparalleled.  I challenge you to TRY IT!I am dedicated to Crossfit, I am dedicated to help people achieve their fitness goals and improve their quality of life and I BELIEVE Crossfit will get them there!

  • Taylor Sleaford - Olympic Lifting Coach

    Education & Certifications
    · Bachelors of Science- Exercise Science
    · USA Weightlifting Certified: Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
    · Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
    · CPR/AED/ First Aid Certified
    · Strength & Conditioning Intern: College of Charleston (2010-2013)
    · Strength & Conditioning Intern: University of South Alabama (Summer 2012)

    While pursuing my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science I spent three years immersed in the world of College Strength & Conditioning. I was a student intern for three years at the College of Charleston and completed a summer internship in 2012 with the University of South Alabama’s football program. Throughout my career I have worked with over 20 Men’s and Women’s Division 1 College teams. Some of which include Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Sailing, Cheer & Dance, and Track & Field.

    While at the College of Charleston my responsibilities included teaching proper exercise technique, programming and implementing strength and conditioning workouts, and coaching speed, agility, mobility, and flexibility exercises. I assisted with every team in some capacity, and was the head Strength Coach for the Cheer & Dance team. I became USA Weightlifting certified in 2011, where I began to develop my skills as an Olympic Lifting Coach. I was responsible for developing and teaching the curriculum for first year S&C interns at the College of Charleston.

    As an intern at the University of South Alabama I assisted the strength and conditioning coaches with all aspects of the football summer program including speed, agility, mobility, conditioning, power, and strength training. I also worked closely with the women’s volleyball team in implementing their strength training and conditioning workouts. My main role at South Alabama was to work with strength staff in coaching football workouts, teaching and critiquing exercise technique, especially when working with the freshmen class, to develop their skills in the weight room and to aid in speed and agility training. I also played a critical role in implementing the PCA functional movement screening tests with the football team.

    I graduated from the College of Charleston in May of 2013. In August of 2013 I moved to Castle Rock from Charleston, South Carolina and became a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer in November of 2013. I am originally from Florida.

  • Julie (AKA Jewels) Sneed

    Level 1 Certification Jan, 2011
    2010 Crossfit Southwest Sectionals 14th place
    2010 Crossfit Southwest Regional 5280 Team competitor
    2011 Crossfit Open Southwest Region 18th place
    2011 Crossfit Southwest Regional CFCR Team competitor
    2011 Crossfit Colorado Open 9th place
    2011 MBS Turkey Challenge 4th place

     Since 2009, Julie Sneed has been a passionate advocate for CrossFit. Just a year after starting the sport, she placed 14th individually in the 2010 CrossFit Southwest Sectionals. The next year, she placed 18th individually at the 2011 Southwest Region Crossfit Open. Although qualifying both years as an individual athlete for the Crossfit Regional competition, she chose to compete with her Crossfit Castle Rock team.  She went on to place 9th at the 2011 CrossFit Colorado Open and 4th at the 2011 MBS Turkey Challenge.

    While she enjoys competition, Julie is much more apt to speak of the non-competitive benefits of CrossFit: Better health, improved self-esteem, and a more fit and fun lifestyle. With this is mind, Julie earned her Level 1 Certification in January 2011 and now teaches regularly at Crossfit Castle Rock. Her students know her as a friendly, supportive, and always encouraging instructor who inspires them to push themselves and to be their very best.

    Julie has prioritized physical fitness throughout her life, swimming competitively in high school, and as an adult running several half-marathons, one marathon, and two long-distance team relay races. She is a competitive triathlete for both sprint and Olympic distances, and finished 50th overall and 9th in her age group in the Tri for the Cure women’s triathlon in Denver.

    She’s instilled her passion for fitness in her children, Garrett and Sydney, who both enjoy CrossFit and love to work out with their mom and cheer her on at competitions.

    Julie grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. She and her husband Andy, a fellow Crossfitter, have lived in Minneapolis and Kansas City and now make their home in Castle Rock.

  • Brenda Brailsford

    Brenda Brailsford

    Level 1 CrossFit
    Precision Nutrition L1
    Paleo Aficionado/Educator (Whole 9 nutrition, Dr Loren Cordain)
    Hobbyist Chef


    I grew up in Utah spending most of my life as a dancer and a gymnast. Later into adulthood I lost sight of my health. I had become a skinny/fat smoker. Many times I would try to work back to an active lifestyle only to fail when I would get bored or loose sight of my goals. After years of many failed attempts of sticking with a healthy life style a friend introduced me to CrossFit. 

    Nothing could have prepared me for the positive impact CrossFit would have on my life. I had finally found something that changed my view on my health and made me want to stick with it. CrossFit has put me in the best physical and mental shape of my life. 

    My hope is that with my passion for fitness and nutrition, my love of people and everything CrossFit that I can inspire others to find their inner strength and discover what they are truly capable of.  

    I’ve found my home here at CrossFit Castle Rock. I love the opportunity to be part of an environment that is supportive of well-rounded health and fitness.


  • Jared Russo

    Crossfit Level 1 Cert
    U.S. Army Ranger
    Chicago Marathon
    Bataan Memorial Death March
    Best Ranger Competition
    Bachelors of Science - Psychology
    Masters of Science - Industrial Organizational Psychology
    Denver Fire Academy

    As far back as I can remember I have loved being fit (I used to do pull-ups on the tree in my front yard). Throughout high school I pursued mixed martial arts and spent my time doing every mountain related sport I could find. After high school I joined the Army and was selected for 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment where my physical capabilities were pushed far beyond what I believed was possible. I later went onto college and then graduate school at MSU. After an ample amount of schooling I monkeyed around on the corporate ladder before getting my dream job as a Denver Firefighter.

    I was introduced to Crossfit while complaining to a friend about how my workouts were leaving me feeling slow and sluggish, despite "good weight lifting and cardio results." So I tried Crossfit and nearly died or felt like it at least. After swollowing my pride and coming to grips with how far my fitness had strayed, I dove head long into Crossfit wishing I had only found it sooner.

    When attacking a workout I try to work smarter not harder. Smarter means good form, efficient movements, and proper techniques. The not harder part for me means I try to remove emotion and self-pity from my workouts by strategizing for peak performance. I try to ride the line between premature muscle failure/exhaustion and peak performance. It also means knowing how far to push it and when to walk away.

    I love that Crossfit gets people into the best shape of their lives, but I also love how it psychologically develops individuals and will harden them in some areas and soften them in others. At a Crossfit gym you grow close to others and see each other at their worst and best. As a trainer I get to help and encourage members in areas they struggle with and rejoice with them in their gains.

    P.S. I am also passionate about good nutrition. You can't train bad nutrition. If yours is bad, lets talk.

  • David Layman


    • Crossfit Level I Certification  (Oct 2008)
    • TRX Suspension Training Certification  (June 2012)
    • CPR/First Aid/AED certified
    • Pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Health and Exercise Science


    Ever since I was little I’ve been active and very competitive when it came to sports. Whether that was running faster than the other kids on the playground or being able to climb higher  in the tree than the next kid or catching more touchdown passes at recess, I was always competing. This carried on through high school where my sports were basketball and football, playing mostly as a guard and wide receiver/defensive back. As a freshman I also took my first strength and conditioning class which I took each year and quickly became my favorite class! I’m glad for the early start in the weight room but looking back those days were filled mostly with bench press, squats and curls and very little power cleans and no pull ups or double unders. Anyone that knows me today knows that I would laugh at a workout including bicep curls of any kind. I then went on to give college a shot since that seemed what everyone else was doing, not really having a solid plan I joined the navy in Feb of 2007.

    I am still serving today in the Naval Reserves and drilling out of Buckley Air Force Base. After joining my unit I was quickly identified by my anatomy and physiology studying one day that I knew a thing or two about health and fitness, so I was made the assistant CFL (Command Fitness Leader). I am now the primary CFL of a unit that fluctuates from 60-80 members in a given month. I organize any and all physical activities each drill weekend as well as run the PRT (physical readiness test) for each member in the unit and input this information into our system indicating who passed or failed the cycle. In this process I have built many relationships that carry on outside of our time at the base and have people asking me for tips and training programs they can work on to achieve higher scores for the next cycle.

    After completing my training with the navy in Aug of 2007 and came home I was introduced to Crossfit by my brother and I have not looked back since. I quickly became addicted and found my new passion. I was so impressed and excited with what I had found and results I saw that the following year in Oct of 2008 I went and obtained my Crossfit Level 1 certification at the Golden State Patrol. Crossfit is a lifestyle and it defines me. It is so much more than just working out, trying to lose weight or any other goal one person may have. It’s a community of some of the finest people I have met in my life. What’s funny is that you can travel across the country or even out of the country and meet a fellow crossfitter and they would know what you were talking about if you asked them what their “Fran” time is. Anyone else would look at you and think what the heck are you talking about and walk off. With this community Crossfit has created I have seen people of all walks and backgrounds achieve goals they never thought possible or were told would never happen time and time again. If you are looking for something that works, something that pushes and motivates you, that lifts you up and gives you the abilities to achieve any goal you may have, health related or otherwise, then I challenge and urge you to try CROSSFIT! I promise you that you will find everything you have been looking for and more. Our program has expanded tremendously here at CFCR and there are plenty of examples and testimonies to share with you. I believe that with proper coaching, dedication and a willingness to learn you can achieve anything. I am committed to teaching and coaching proper technique and form as well as pushing and motivating anyone that comes in to my classes. Everyone’s goals can be met in my classes and I want to be able to help make those dreams and goals you have become a reality! Now its up to you…   3… 2..1.. GO!!

  • Kirk Trowbridge

    Kirk Trowbridge – Biography


    - Associates Degree – Business Management/ Golf Complex Operations
    - Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
    - PGA Class A Member
    - CPR/AED/ First Aid Certified – American Red Cross

    Kirk graduated High School in 2005 where he played varsity golf, lacrosse and wrestled. After high school, he graduated from the Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach, SC in 2007. After returning home, Kirk worked as a golf professional in the Northern Virginia area where he taught golf lessons, and assisted in the management of a country club. In August 2013, he moved to Colorado to pursue a more outdoorsy lifestyle. Kirk got certified as an L1 Crossfit Trainer in September of 2013 and has been with us since.

    Kirk believes strongly in the development of technique and fundamentals as the top priority. He understands and teaches that the easiest way to improve your strength and workout times are to perform movements in the most efficient way possible.

  • Ryan Christy

    Kettlebell Coach /Movement Rehab Specialist 

    -        IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher
    -        ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
    -        Zhealth Movement Rehab Specialist
    -        Zhealth Movement Integration Specialist
    -        Zhealth Essentials of  Elite Performance
    -        CPR/ First Aid Certified


     Ryan enjoys Mountain Climbing, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing,  Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Power lifting, Kettlebell Sport Training, Wrestling, Boxing, Grip Training.

     Ryan is a Kettlebell coach and a Zhealth trainer. He has been training with Kettlebells for the better part of 7 years. He has been interested in sports his whole life. He started wrestling when he was just 9 years old and continued into high school where he also played football and ran cross country. He ran his first marathon at 23 years of age. He enjoys helping the soldiers that fought and served this great country and has volunteered with wounded warrior programs as a Kettlebell coach and Zhealth trainer. He also competed in several adventure races with these same soldiers. Ryan also led the Delayed Entry Program, a program that helps soldiers get ready for Military boot camp.

     “Only those who have the patience to do the simple things perfectly will acquire the skills to do the difficult things easily.” J. Friedrich VonSchiller

  • Josh Preusse


    -Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

    -Deep thoughts.....
    -Sweater Vests
    -Installing window treatments


    Athletics have been a part of my life since childhood when you went from one sport to the next with the changing seasons. In College, I played 4 years of basketball and was a captain for 2 years. Being a part of a team and competing in sports is what I knew and loved. After College and before Crossfit, it was back/bi's on Monday, chest/tri's on Wednesday with some crunches sprinkled in, repeat. I needed something to mix it up and Crossfit was the exclamation point that had been missing at the end of my sentences. A buddy introduced it to me in 2011 and I drank the Kool-Aid within the first month. Now, I can't help but apply it to everyday life. I encourage my 2 year old son to use his hips in the chair throw and counsel him on his technique in his stair climb.

    Everyone's motivation is different when it comes to fitness and my motivation is being part of a team again. You don't want to high-five some random person next to you in the gym after your last set of calve raises. But when you're lying on the floor, after a 30 minute workout, trying to catch your breath and see 15 other people who just went through the same thing, I'm a high-five machine! What's fun about being a trainer is that I get to see the physical/mental transformations people go through, share in the excitement people have when accomplishing something they couldn't last week, and watch the huge smiles that come from personal records.

    My goal in class is simple, Make It Fun!

  • Rob Williams


    Crossfit Level 1
    Crossfit Gymnastics
    Crossfit Rowing
    Triggerpoint Coach
    CPR ACLS Instructor
    Nationally Registered Paramedic
    Army Special Operations Medic
    Army Combatives Instructor Level 2
    Judo Brown belt


    Winner Fort Bliss Army Comatives Tournament Heavywieght Division
    2nd Place 2012 “ The Good Fight “ Maryland Grappling Tournament Heavyweight Division
    Finisher American Odyssey run Gettysburg to Washington DC


    I did not participate in any sporting activities while growing up, and hated athletics till I discovered army combatives, and realized getting punched in the face isn’t so bad, but getting to punch someone else is a whole lot of fun. This turned me on to Judo while I was stationed at Fort Sam Houston Texas. I had the opportunity to compete and did well and was awarded my brown belt after a lot of hours on the mat.
    My children had been taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and liked it so I got started with that and fell in love. I had the chance to compete a few time in Texas and Washington DC. I did ok and had a great time. Earning my blue belt is next on my list of goals.
    While Stationed in Washington DC, many of my coworkers did crossfit for their workout and were nice enough to show me the basics. A year later I went to my Level 1 cert and a few others and was tasked with running the on ramp classes for incoming unit members. I could not have been more hooked. I have way more goals than I can list here but my next is to run a marathon and an ultra in the coming year. I love coaching and seeing athletes breaking barriers that they thought were out of reach.

  • David Raday



    -NESTA Personal Training Certification
    -Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
    -EMT Certified
    -BLS CPR/First Aid Certified
    -Crossfit Regionals 2013 Crossfit Castle Rock Team 


    Growing up in my family was always about athletics and fitness. Both parents were collegiate athletes, and involved in many styles of weight training. My passion for sports and fitness did not come until high school. I realized at the high school level I needed to put on size and gain strength if I wanted to pursue a future as a respected athlete. With commitment and research my accomplishments were motivating, which drove me to want to learn more about training. Now as I am finishing up college in pursuit of a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I believe for an individual to grow as an athlete or someone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle; it must start with setting goals and attainable accomplishments. I am blessed to be able to train in a facility that accommodates any style of training. As a trainer I want to be able use unique and exciting training techniques to be on the cutting edge of the training world. 

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